Autism Related Serious Real Life Big Problems like Suicide

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Do you want to die?
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Pileated woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker

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26 Sep 2022, 2:20 am

Well basically, in this thread I thought to talk to you about Autism Related Serious Real Life Big Problems like Suicide.

To be honest with you, it can really lead to big problems, and by "serious" I mean even life threatening, or suicide related. But to be honest with you, I have never really ever been suicidal myself, or even thought about the subject seriously. Self harm is a big problem, but I never tried, I never thought to. I mean, why would I? I like my life and want to live, simple as that.

Other than that, I have encountered friends in my life who wanted to die, and tried to suicide, but they didnt die in the end. But there was this friend of mine who tried to kill himself in the past, and he stopped trying to do so after stopping by some psychiatric hospital in my area. Yeah, sad story.

Other big problems include not going to work, not going to studies, and so on. Yeah, lack of working or studying are big problems too.

Other than that, can you explain what you think about all this? I'd appreciate that, thanks.

About me, my name's Noam 32 years old from Israel, diagnosed with High functioning Autism at about age 21 but unofficially had this problem since I was born. From age 25 or so I started to function better but I still have alot of problems in my life. I live in Israel in a city called Ashdod, but I was born in Jerusalem. I'm Agnostic when it comes to religion.

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26 Sep 2022, 9:16 am

Well autism is a curse in every way because not only we're targets for bullies all our lives (by folk that are supposed to have empathy) and have to struggle and have sh***y challenges like sensory issues and communication deficits, we're also susceptible to immune system deficiencies, diabetes, asthma and loads and loads of other illnesses that can be life-threatening. So really I'm just as physically vulnerable as a frail 90-year-old, all because I have f*****g ASD. I'm so, so, so frightened of my own body. I don't know what it's going to do. I'm destined to be ill as well as mentally f****d up.

Why don't they just stick us all in a hospice inside our own individual bubbles to keep us checked on and safe from all the germs out there that can harm our fragile immune systems?

I always used to say that I have no brain but at least I have my health. Now I don't have that because of f*****g autism.

Aged 32

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Have Anxiety Disorder
Diagnosed with mild ASD but I don't identify as autistic


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26 Sep 2022, 9:29 pm

I'm autistic and I'm happy to be alive and I don't want to die. When does the right to die become the duty to die?


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26 Sep 2022, 10:12 pm

I've thought about this topic in the past but it had nothing to do with my autism.


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27 Sep 2022, 1:45 am

The world is beautiful and full of so many amazing things to do and learn each day. This evening the stars were so beautiful!


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27 Sep 2022, 4:12 am

I think there's a difference between wanting to end one's life, which is an extreme and necessarily violent act, and thinking that having to live in the world is hard and that, having the option, it would be better to not have to do it. Which is academic, since none of us has the option of not having lived in the first place.

But I don't see that as a dark point of view. I think intellectually it's pretty clear that life is more hard than it is enjoyable, and that the terrible things that can befall us have no comparable good things that can happen to us. That applies to everyone, autistic or not. But I find that comforting. Acknowledging that life is the way it is gives me peace. I accept it, which is the best coping strategy I know of for any circumstance, and then make the best of it when I can. Flowers and sunshine and riding my bike are nice. They don't make up for the loved ones who have died or how much I struggle with loneliness, but that's what I have. So I accept it and go with it, as best I can.

There's a philosopher named Benatar whose philosophy is exactly that: that life is more bad than good and therefore not having to live (not having been born) would be better than having to endure the hardships and tragedies of living. But he does not think dying is better. Dying is bad in its own way and might be the worst part of having to live, that you must also die.

Please stick around and do your best with what you have.