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26 Oct 2022, 8:28 am

I am worried about this one, because if SCOTUS allows it, our democracy is done.

The red states will become like Iran or Saudi Arabia, and won't stop with abortion. They will ban anything not in line with their far-right version of the Bible.

The whole country needs to be like Sweden, where certain verses in the Bible and Quran are considered prosecutable hate speech, and where there is equality for all, and abortion is on-demand through birth and fully taxpayer-funded.


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27 Oct 2022, 5:04 pm

Meh….can’t speak to the “theory” there, but as for gerrymandering, I can't get all that mad about it. The only people who get upset about gerrymandering are people who are in the political minority. Until I they're not.

So let's sat Democrats are in the minority for whatever length of time. Voting district lines strengthen the Republican position but make little geographic sense. And one day Democrats have majorities in the state legislature and nationwide. The usual census is taken. Now Democrats vote to redraw lines that give them a sort of “permanent majority.”

And so it continues until eventually Republicans have majorities again.

And every time a minority will cry how unfair all the gerrymandering is because they lost a bunch of elections.

Look, change happens, populations shift and it’s never nice and neat geographically. Minorities don’t stay minorities, and it just
makes sense to redraw lines while you’re winning. I’m sure there are instances where it’s not fair, but until all parties agree to do things in a more sensible and consistent way, I have no issue with all the spoils going to the winners.

And that’s difficult for me to say given a political climate that doesn’t favor my values. If liberals are raising a fuss about this, I honestly don’t understand what the big deal is.


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27 Oct 2022, 8:36 pm

Allowing the theory to thrive would be very damaging to Democracy, absolutely. And, yes, I am worried the Supreme Court might allow it. The concept itself has far deeper long term consequences than winning or losing one gerrymandering case.

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