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01 Nov 2022, 12:23 pm

So my kid has stereotypies that can look a little alarming- (He thrusts an arm out and his head and eyes roll back and he kind of twitches for a while- and is not aware of anything going around him). His teacher contacted me thinking he may have had a seizure. She obviously did not read his IEP. It really is the least of his problems at school- but I think he may be getting some negative attention for it.

I was reading that behavioral therapy can help, but he never has them during therapy.

I found a home program on the Johns Hopkins site. It's like $100. Anyone tried it?

My kid is also not even aware that he does these, and I do worry that trying to make him more aware of it - it will just hurt his already fragile self esteem- he is struggling enough with just holding a pen and learning his letters and numbers. He knows he is behind the other kids. Does he need one more thing to feel inadequate about? :(