Megatsunami Sweeps Over Mars & After A Massive Asteroid Hits

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02 Dec 2022, 7:11 pm

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03 Dec 2022, 2:05 am

When the solar system was born it was a shooting gallery for a 100 million years. Most of the craters on the Moon were made in that period. Indeed the moon itself probably formed when a mars sized body hit the earth back then.

Things settled down after that. But occasional impacts on every body in the solar system including Earth continued like a steady drumbeat until the present day.

If you imagine Mars and Earth to be two middle aged humans 45 years of age then this tsunami on Mars happened when both were about 12 years old (closer to their common birthday than to now), back when there was still a lot residual shrapnel whizzing around the young solar system.

The similar sized object that wiped out the dinosaurs hit the Earth only eight months ago (in this timescale). Closer to the present than to its date of birth.

Mars lost its oceans before life even left earth's oceans. Indeed before life in earth's oceans had transitioned from one celled microbes to jellyfish (much less to trilobites and fish). The oldest fossils of anything bigger than a microbe on earth were not made until earth and mars were both around 39 year old adults.