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03 Jan 2023, 10:27 am

I was at an autism meet up group today and this guy I know was telling me how back in 2016 (he was 27 at the time) he went to his local nightclub. It was a crowded night and as he walking in the club he stood near this woman and then he was telling me how she glanced at him (they made eye contact with each other before the push) and then proceeded to shove him out of her way.

He was shaken by her reaction but then the manager/bouncers asked him to leave the club.

Do you think it was unfair the way my friend was treated?


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03 Jan 2023, 12:33 pm

I have no idea. I'm guessing there's more to this story than he told you. You don't simply get tossed out of a nightclub for standing by someone.