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15 Jan 2023, 5:31 pm

'60 Minutes' has been that decades-old fixture Sunday Evenings. In short, the show might best be described as a "mixed bag" - any given segment of '60 Minutes' is viewed as either 'negative leaning neutral', 'positive leaning neutral' or just plain 'neutral' in scope, importance, content, reliablity etc. etc.

I don't watch '60 Minutes' if it's devoting an entire hour to one segment.

I used to enjoy the late 'Andy Rooney' at the end of each hour-long show. It's been said that Rooney was like a sane 'Howard Beale' from the 1976 movie 'Network.'

I best enjoy '60 Minute' feature stories - that is segments taking a break for the well...... dynamics of current news events.

The stories that '60 Mintues' peroidocialy aires on people with Autism, and other life challenging handicapps are viewed with interest - yet, most often, I feel I must conduct further research to better understand the full stories - which '60 Minutes' overlooks!

After an hour of '60 Mintues,' I always find myself asking, "now what?"

How many people feel encoraged to write their opinons on those things that are decades-old parts of one's life? It's very important to take inventory for time-to-time - that is to not "take things for granted."

I'll certainly view the next '60 Minutes' show differently with...."all of the above in mind!"

LINK on '60 Minutes' Page 42 - Fager Redefines the Past and Future of Network News.
LINK: ... al.pdf.pdf


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17 Jan 2023, 12:57 pm

I’ve always liked 60 Minutes.