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20 Jan 2023, 5:13 pm

I'm wandering if any of you have analogies/descriptions that you use to explain to other people what being high support needs is like. similiar to the analogy of what developmental delays are like

" With developmental delays (although developmental stagnation might be a more apt description. it’s alot like I’m a piplup holding an ever stone I grow and gain experience I learn new moves but I never evolve (further develop) gain better base stats and abilities. I think this analogy really works well what do you guys think. "

Looking for level 2/3s to come up with good ways to explain what its' like being a level 2/3, In a way that's clear a concise and easy for other non-autistic people. l to undesrtand like my example. I know long infodumps are the way we tend to communicate but they weon't work welf or an article. I also dont' want to get accused of talking for people so i want it to be in your own words. You have plenrty of time to think about this fi you want to take time. It also doesn't have to be a analogy just a clear concise way to explain what it's like fory ou.

this is for our first article for High Needs Autistic Advocates

ever changing evolving and growing