Calgary Autism Organization changes it's name - ND movement

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07 Mar 2023, 2:38 pm

From "Society for Treatment of Autism" to "Society for Autism Support and Services"

As knowledge grows, autism organization evolves in name and support

At some point, it became inevitable that the word “Treatment” in our name would no longer be a fit for our evolving agency. Treatment is synonymous with the medical model of disability. We wanted to embrace a social model of disability, supporting what people can do and removing barriers.

I think like Aspergers being subsumed by Autism Spectrum Disorder "Treatments" were
subsumed into "Supports and Services"

While they don't specially mention ABA they do have a "Behavioural Developmental Aide Supports Program". I wonder if that program is ABA treatment under a politically correct name.

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07 Mar 2023, 2:48 pm

More orwellian language play including doublespeak. At least the article accepted autism was a neurological disorder

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