Woman filmed autistic stepson, 3, as he lay dying on floor

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16 Mar 2023, 12:36 pm

Leila Borrington delayed calling emergency services and instead sent the boy's father a text reading 'Why does this happen to me?'

Leila Borrington killed Harvey Borrington by slapping him "multiple times" around the head, having committed two other attacks in the previous four months which left him with a broken arm and marks on his face. Nottingham Crown Court was told Borrington lied about what had happened to Harvey, who had severe non-verbal autism, when paramedics arrived at her home in Main Road, Jacksdale, in August 2021.

Passing sentence on Thursday, Mr Justice Nicklin told Borrington: "You were 21 when the first offence was committed and 22 when you assaulted and killed Harvey." The "history" of the use of violence against Harvey was an aggravating factor in the offence of manslaughter, the judge said, adding that the cause of the youngster's death "must have been a sustained violent assault".

The judge also said text messages sent by Borrington, and her immediate response after Harvey was fatally assaulted, had shown a "shocking lack of care and concern".

He told Borrington: "During the trial we saw video footage of Harvey playing with his toys and placing items into the dishwasher. Within less than 30 minutes, further video footage showed Harvey unconscious on the living room floor.

"Precisely what happened to Harvey only you know."

Borrington was found guilty last month of manslaughter and separate charges of assault and causing grievous bodily harm to Harvey, relating to incidents in April and July 2021. Borrington, 23, who was acquitted of murder, claimed Harvey "fell backwards" off a one-seater leather sofa at home, causing the fatal brain bleed.

In the video, shot on Borrington's phone and sent to Harvey's father, she was recorded taking the boy's left arm, lifting it up and letting it drop loosely to the floor, before continuing to film as he lay unmoving on a living-room rug.

The article failed to mention what was the sentence handed down.

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17 Mar 2023, 6:56 pm

Latest in a few deaths of children at the hands of carers/parents in the UK recently.

I just don't understand how people end up like this......


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23 Mar 2023, 9:51 am

That's intensely barbaric..