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27 Sep 2007, 5:49 pm

Just saw a commercial for a "Rock for Autism" anyone know what its about yet? Who's playing and what are they supporting is my real question. Will go check out their website after I pick my daughter up from school. Gotta leave NOW!! :D O.K. My "sweet angel" is safely home w/ me :D Went and checked it out
Just a Public Service Announcement by some "Classic Rockers" about Autism. Some of these guys have aged rather badly unfortunatly :wink: Must be the lifestyle catching up w/ them. Some good links, some bad links (Autism Speaks, and CAN are on there) I feel my daughter does not need to be 'Cured" shes this way and shes fantastic!! If she grew up and wanted to change I would support her but I think she is perfect just as she is.
They have a "Contact Us" to VH1 staff at the bottom of the page, maybe we should all e-mail them to say we don't want a "Cure" so much as we'd like a little "Understanding." At least they're trying to raise the fact that this is an "epidemic" of its own.

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