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27 Mar 2008, 4:28 pm

equinn wrote:
But--just imagine--what if it truly didn't exist? Many people were successful because they forced themselves to compensate--think about it?

I say this, but at the same time, my own son was abominable in kindergarten and I didn't understand! Finally, in grade 3, he's settling into life--stilll he says inapproriate things that make you say--huh? He has other quirkyish friends, which is just fine.

Thank goodness for Asperges/HFA. Those underlying quirky things are important to understand. I see the world of labels in a new light.


For me, it comes down to whether or not my child will be able to compensate AND be happy. My father carried such a wagon load of resentments all the way through to the end of his life, that I am sure were developed because he had spent his entire childhood in conflict with a world he found unreasonable. Sure, he lived a successful life, in the end. But he was never happy. I hope for something better for my son, that's all.

Mom to an amazing young adult AS son, plus an also amazing non-AS daughter. Most likely part of the "Broader Autism Phenotype" (some traits).


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28 Mar 2008, 10:20 pm

How frustrating... everyone's an expert these days, eh? And you gotta love people who will believe the first thing they hear, and stick to it, no matter what anyone else says later.

My aunt told me I can't possibly have AS because I have emotions. Apparently her friend told her that her autistic children have no emotions and pay no mind to other people whatsoever.

So apparently all autistics are robots, and I don't have AS. Whatever :roll: