about psychopath mind and theory of mind

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Blue Jay
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13 Apr 2009, 4:52 am

They get a job with Autism Speaks... :twisted:


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13 Apr 2009, 6:38 am

DeepBlueLake wrote:
They get a job with Autism Speaks... :twisted:



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13 Apr 2009, 9:15 am

About "using your traits against you", i've had experience with one almost-certain psychopat, and only because i was watching Dexter and had read up on the subject was i able to detect him as a person with an antisocial dissorder. I also became aware of two others, one i know was a problem and one i suspect from back in school from my youth.

I had my suspicions earlier when i met him, but finally when it came down to money he revealed himself. Then he started to attack me, verbally and use what he knew about me. Unfortunately for him, i dont care about what people think about me (advantage of being an AS person?) - his psychopatic babble didnt move me an inch, and me and a few others he had ripped off reported him to the police, tax office, financial police and corporate registry. He was recently convicted of tax fraud and the rest of us are still waiting for our wages and other things.

When we looked into his background (before we took action), he had been running his company on "barely surviving" for years and had been making illegal withdrawals from it, which pretty much every accountant had said in their statement.

I cannot belive that noone had reported him before... to me it was clear as the blue sky that he was a criminal... are regular people really that stupid or gullible to such people?

Like Dexter said about another psychopat: "Right thinking people dont stand a chance".

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13 Apr 2009, 10:00 am

fhtbg wrote:
Then, what's the main difference b/w autistic and psychopath? anti-social personality? I assure that anyone can be an anti-social if he, belonging to a minority group, have been suppressed by a social environment structurally.

Miss-use of words can be found in here, despite people probably understand what it is supposed to mean; "Anti-social personality" (disorder) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-socia ... y_disorder

And "Psychopath" is more or less now-a-days a MASSIVE "umbrella term" which covers TOO much into a singular word, which reminds us why we done use "Neurosis" anymore

See below...

Didn't watch...=_=

If everything goes on smoothly, maybe,I suspect, we can easily interact with another aspie. Do you sympathize easily with another aspie than NT? I use the word 'sympathize' by meaning we may understand his behavior barring complex logical thinking as if we're in same situation.

Some autistics/aspergers are just about the same as this "NT" in terms of my sympathy towards them.

If above assumptions are right, this is the main question.
Could you sympathize easily with psychopath more than NT?

Obviously, but not because of the main question.

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13 Apr 2009, 10:51 am

i am out on a limb here.
i was very much thought to have a psychopathic personality when i was young.
i have not one iota of "correlative emotion" (empathy) with any person.
but my psychiatrist at the adolescent unit i was at had a great talk with me one afternoon about psychopaths, and she mentioned freudian concepts that she believed were valid. (she did not consider me psychopathic, and she spent lots of time with me outside consultaion hours)
i know freud is "old hat", and not in current parlance, but i read lots of his manuscripts and books and i believe, as my psych did, that there is validity in some mechanisms of identification he mapped.

i believe in the 3 subdivisions of the psyche. ("psyche" means energy available in the brain to think with)

1. ID.
the ID is where all desires emanate from. the ID simply "wants" and that is all. the ID is the place where all personal vital energy starts from.
the ID is like a baby that desires a muffin that they see the president eating, and grabs it from his mouth without question, and eats it for themselves.
there is no question of propriety. the ID is the receptacle of basal desire.

2. EGO.
the EGO is a framewrok that co ordinates the desires of the ID with intelligent cognition to calculate how they can get a muffin with out stealing it from another persons hand.
the EGO is where everyone mainly lives. it is their intelligent cognitive brain that they stick close by to, because it calculates how to achieve an IDIOLOGICAL desire without getting into trouble.


superego is a sense of "righteousness". it is where people sense "goodness" or "badness". it
serves to make people behave in a courteous way to their society.
usually, parents and authority figures set the framework for the super-ego.
they instill morals, and when a person performs an act that is not very nice, they consult their "super ego's" which tell them like their parents would, that they did "wrong".

pride and shame and guilt and things like that are manifestations of super ego.

some people do not get a good grounding in the super ego.
they are therefore psychopathic.
they are ruled by their ID's desires, and their ID employs their EGO to provide.
they have not the concept of guilt, so they will perform their actions without consideration to mitigate guilt.

i do not feel guilt, but it is because i do what i think is right.

psychopaths do not feel guilt because they do not care. as long as they get their prize, then they can sleepily close their eyes.